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M/s BEDI EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL is the leading manufacturers and exporters of finest quality scaffolding fittings in Malleable Cast Iron and Spheroidal Graphite Casting. We supply accessories for all types of Scaffoldings parts namely Cuplock, Ring Lock, Connector etc. and Formworks.

M/s BEDI EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL is an internationally renowned manufacturer of scaffolding components and formwork accessories. The company, which can point to 20 years of professional experience, is based in city of Jalandhar, Punjab in North India and spread over 22500 sq.ft. area. The company is equipped with latest technical and advanced machinery and all jobs are done in-house. The company's latest achievement is installation of new Inductotherm Make 750kg Induction Furnace in April' 11 thereby increasing its monthly casting capacity to 300 tons.

M/s BEDI EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL is the first company to make branded scaffolding fittings under the brand name, BEI™ and BEDI™ Our every product is marked with our brand name, batch number and month & year of manufacturing.

At M/s BEDI EXPORTS INTERNATIONAL our motto is 'Quality with confidence' and our quality products set the benchmark for the whole scaffold fittings manufacturers to follow.

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